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Should I stop?

Should I stop postng photos of my collection?

  • Stop bragging ya jerk!

    Votes: 6 10.7%
  • No, keep 'em coming!

    Votes: 33 58.9%
  • Sell them to me.

    Votes: 2 3.6%
  • Can I be in your will?

    Votes: 15 26.8%

  • Total voters
I always enjoyed the collections some displayed at the Puyallup WAC shows when I lived in that area.
I think its great when people are inclined to share views of their collections. Keep them coming.:)


Eh... kind of, i find it hard to read stuff written in American ;) Broken American takes me twice as long to read :p
English is just a clever way to confound our enemies. We Americans have merely perfected the technique to the point it nearly thwarts even those who think they speak English ;)
A friend teaches English to Japanese. Wrong road....wrong load...long road...long load... no wonder they have trouble with the Anguish Languish!

Back on topic. Yes, continue posting. Educate the great unwashed that there are more gunders than just the
cis-gundered AR, and AK. :rolleyes:

I may be tempted to assist in the effort as soon as I figure out a tactful way to ask if you wanna see my Johnson.:rolleyes::eek:


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