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Its a great way to collect and send money, but F... they are stupid.

I wanted to send some funds.

Log on.

Negative balance, WTF!

Looking into it online, I bought something 5 years ago that turned out to be a subscription. I don’t recall that. Luckily the account I had paid it with and it was subscribed to was cancelled a few years ago.

So what does PayPal do. “No worries bro, we will pay for it.”

Well I didn’t F’ing ask you to do that, nor did you ask me to do that.

15 minutes dealing with a robot on the phone really set the tone for my in person conversation.

30 minutes on the phone later, I’m done. F’ing lady kept trying to tell me it was the type of transaction as to why. I kept asking where did it say I wanted you to pay for it if my account didn’t have any funds? Simply, if my funds don’t work, last I checked PayPal isn’t a credit card.

So I think she is going to disbute it for me, I was getting pretty heated towards the end.

It’s not a freaking bank account, I don’t want nor need overdraft insurance.

She could not tell me why they, on their own, just paid for it either.

So, now I can’t easily make a simple transfer, and I’m done with their services.



I had a problem with them. They are almost impossible to deal with. My account is still in limited status so I just quit using them. It does make it a bit harder to buy a few things on here.

Mark W.

WOW been on eBay since 2000 have done close to 1400 auctions as a seller or a buyer In that time I had two people not pay me (I had not shipped yet so no loss) I have gotten 2 negs. I have had a Paypal account including a Paypal Debt card since they became available. I have used Paypal funds to buy 3 firearms and countless reloading supplies. I just 10 min before this bought a couple Craftsman Ratchet repair kits off eBay paid with my fun money account debt card took all of 2 min to find the kits and buy them They will be here in 4 days.

YMMV I guess
I’ve personally never had any bad experiences with eBay or PayPal., even though they have split. Quite the opposite actually, when dealing with discrepancies. I sold a bunch of stuff when purging goods for a move and even bought a few things over the years.

That does suck though
Actually, PayPal does do credit services now, maybe you signed up for that not realizing it? Stupid either way that they would suddenly after 5 years hit you with a transaction like that o_O
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