Saving the Planet - Your Mail-Your Trash


1,334 first Off-Topic thread. So as a baby boomer, I went from watching folks throw trash out car windows to having 3 seperate recycling bins. I think it's a PITA but I do my part now...even collected some cash for ammo for taking cans to the bottle drop.
So here is the question: Can someone tell me why we take 95% of what's in our mail boxes now and put it in the paper recylcing bin. So we pay someone to bring us paper and pay someone else to take it away...or am I missing something? What happened to saving the tress, planet etc? Would the US post office survive if bulk mail was eliminated?
And a better do we stop this? Tell me someone is working on this and I'm just out of touch. Think I'll cut down the mail box this afternoon.


I think the US mail service should have been outsourced years ago. UPS could probably make a nice profit with lower postal rates. And I home phone lines, maybe this all goes away sooner than later.
Does anyone there a way to opt out of bulk/junk mail for your adress?


Recycling is a hoax. (not to be confused with reloading)

Don't believe me?

Look at the "Penn & Teller" skit where they provide facts that prove it.

They aren't the only ones to prove recycling is less efficient, more costly than manufacturing new stuff.

Those touting 'saving the planet mantra' is also hokum beloved by those who want to impose rules like you can only use 1 sheet of t.p. at a go...or vilify oil companies while they're a 2/3 car family or you must switch from being carnivores to bicycle riding vegans who always wears hemp clothing and sport birkenstock sandals.

Is the climate changing?

It always has or will continue to with or without humanity.

Rant off
People forget the other 2 equally important tenets to the whole "Recycle everything".....
Don't buy more stuff that you don't need! (Marie Kondo has caused a resurgence in this thinking...somewhat.) :rolleyes:
redundancy of things is not to be desired, if they do not serve certain purposes (guns are not redundant here, everyone agrees, right?)
A real simple thing here.
1) Are you going to use it?
2) how often?
3) can it be replaced by other things you already have?
4) do you have the skills to repair/troubleshoot the item?(not very many things require less skills...)
5) Can other people use it, if you don't want it? (if yes, donate. if not, go to Reuse/recycle)
glass items, rinse then use for other things..
plastic items...shred and melt and use for making toys, or other things, or your own kydex type of material ;)
metal items, repurpose and make use of these items; unless you're skilled in metalwork, then use the stuff to make your own items to sell or whatever... or deposit to get money back.
paper items; shred sensitive stuff, maybe good idea to buy a pulper and press system to make your own paper... use as tinder; use as insulation (shredded seems decent here);
furniture wood, if broken furniture, the wood itself can be useful for carving into other things...or as kindling and fire items. hardware bits and pieces can be salvaged and reused in other things, or as repair bits.
fabric stuff, there's a whole bunch of channels on yootoob thats dedicated to making clothing/other things out of scraps, as long as the fabric is in decent shape ;) 100% cotton rags can be used as char cloth for fire starting....

finally recycle
This is where everyone puts into the bins and have China purchase, or dump into landfill regardless of locales.

The biggest problem here though is that most of the consumer goods out there have been made to be nearly disposable/obsolescent; so there's a lot of problems because there's not a lot of durable packaged goods anymore.


You can do all that, go right ahead, fine by me.

Me, I buy what I want, when I want without feeling guilty or feeling I must adhere or be compelled into acting on others philosophy regarding things...

My life, my money, my choice.

BTW, I'm eating a honking huge ribeye for dinner and will throw the container it came in directly into the trash can, cuz I don't play with my trash...
food container waste; like the packaging most fresh foods come way it can really be easily reused...easily reduced sure, by buying absolutely fresh, fresh out of slaughterhouse, fresh out of the soil, using a wicker basket, or glass containers to carry the opposed to the disposable, landfill-headed packaging. Unfortunately, that's the majority of food nowadays...sooo... we do need better waste management somehow. But it still pales in comparison with the rest of the world, specifically Asia and Central-South America... who just...throws garbage onto the streets and waterways.... while expecting the US to clean up after them :mad::mad::mad:


The US Postal service loses billions of dollars annually. And the only reason it doesn't loose even more is because of the junk mail. It's apparently highly profitable.

So even though there isn't a single soul that wants this crap, the entire country is stuck with it.

Personally I've thought that if you got rid of junk mail, you could easily cut postal delivery down to two or three days a week. And that could be farmed off to a private company. There's no reason why the US government needs to be...or should the mail delivery business anymore.

Remember, pencil in "Cabo" in 2020. I've got a hell of a plan to solve the immigration problem too. :D


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