Savage MKII BRJ Spiral Flutted W/Bipod, Sweet .22, ammo

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by ariakas, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. ariakas

    tacoma, WA
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    Sale or trade.. no hurry..

    I prefer to meet in the Tacoma area, but might be coaxed by the right deal to go as far north as Seattle, and as far south as Centralia.

    I am legal to own firearms and you must be to. Have and can show WADL and CPL..

    Savage MKII BRJ .22 Bolt Blued W/Spiral Flutted BBL
    Savage Arms


    Also Includes;

    BSA Sweet .22 3-9x40 Scope W/box, and turrets

    Harris knock off extendable bipod, shown carry case.

    One full box and a low partial of winchster 333 box .22lr

    Value ~$450

    Sig P239 SAS Gen2 9MM Black barely used
    P239 SAS Gen 2



    Also Includes;

    Tupperware Box

    4 total OE Sig Mags

    Thats 2 extras @$40ea

    Comptac Minotaur MTAC Right IWB Holster in Chestnut
    Inside Waistband Holsters - Minotaur Holsters - products new home - Minotaur MTAC Holster

    20 Rounds CORBON Pow'rBall +P 9mm Self Defense Ammo

    Value ~$1050

    Things I am interested in..

    Stevens favorite Model 30R17, or Model 30GM, or
    EOtech xps
    EAA elite lmtd or stock 2
    RMR/Jpoint/delta point/docter optic.. on glock or sig slide even better..
    Garand stripped rcvr
    Mateba auto revolver
    M1 Garand .30-06, or .308 with box mag (need a quality shooter, not collector)
    full rail 1911
    Metal frame SAO pistols
    18" remington 870 tactical (no ribbed, police model best)
    Glock 19 Gen4/rtf2 or 19c
    Glock 23 gen4
    .308 bolt rifles SPS/VTR
    AR's Piston Only
    Sig 556, 551, 516
    Sig SAO models
    Matched Billet AR Upper/Lower set
    AR Piston Upper in 5.56 7.5inch, 14.5inch pinned, or 16inch
    AR57 Upper with mags
    Yugo AK 47 Underfolder
    M1A nothing too fancy
    quality .44 or .357 full lug revolvers, 3-6inch
    Good Hi-Power 9mm maybe with mods
    PTR-91 .308 (no pistols) favorites are GI or the atlantic arms special.
    Steyer Aug or copy, prefer .308.. if 5.56 must accept AR mags.
    AR10 or other AR .308
    Side charge AR upper
    volquartson 10/22 or mkiii rcvrs

    I'm not fond of taking large amounts of ammo to fill gaps.
    I have limited cash available.


    Flowmaster 17430 kit for 2007 tahoe
    Plasma cutter
    Mig/Tig Welder
    Auto trailer
    Pressure Washer

    Please no, jennings, hi point, kel-tec, or other troublesome items..

    May consider non-gun items

    If its not on my list but you think I may be interested, feel free to hit me up.. just don't expect too much more than a "no".
  2. tpbucher417

    Seattle Washington

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    Interested in a Remington 740 in 30-06 for the savage? If so call or text me at 541-914-2687
  3. ariakas

    tacoma, WA
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  4. SVT-ROY

    Resident Beretta guru

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    Dam that rifle the hotness! I was just at south sound speedway driving the NASCARs too!
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