Saiga 12 conversion?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by pdx1, May 6, 2010.

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    I finished my saiga 12 conversion.
    Please ignore the half finished camo job.

    I got in on NBR's first group buy
    and got the shotgun stock.
    Did all the changes watching youtube videos and using a dremel.

    Parts changed out:
    factory stock for Tapco stock
    put on hogue pistol grip
    Changed the trigger guard
    The internals(hammer, trigger, and sear.)
    Also changed the piston (Puck)
    Even put the BHO and spring back in correctly.(hardest part, use fishing line)

    My question is:
    With these changes can I use any mag (foreign or domestic)
    and still be 922 compliant?
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    Changes you did that count for 922r (as long as all of these parts are made in the US)...stock, pistol grip, hammer, trigger, sear, are more than compliant and can use any magazine you wish :) .

    Edit: A Saiga 12 with added PG (and presumably a factory threaded barrel) has 15 parts in the foreign parts count. The trigger guard is not a 'trigger housing' on an AK, and doesn't count. Your stock counts for 2 parts (foregrips, buttstock), everything else for 1 part. Your conversion totals 7 US parts, making your foreign parts count 8. Good job :) . If you use a US magazine, your foreign parts count drops to 5.

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