WTS WA S&W M&P Shield Gen 1 Stuff

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    Everything is **SPF**

    Hyve +2 S&W M&P Shield Gen 1 Mag Extension (Extension only) --$25 shipped-- this one is black on the extension part with red on the mag stop part, pictures upon request but it's the same listed here +2 Mag Base Pad for the Shield 9mm - HYVE Technologies

    Purple IWB Holster By TWAW --$35 shipped-- The Best Women's In The Waistband IWB Holster-The Well Armed Woman have the original belt clip it came with and an extra ulti-clip I will include

    Red IWB M&P Shield Single Stack Mag Holster (unknown maker this was sent to me by an anonymous person online) --$20 shipped--

    Pictures available upon request, other stuff for sale in another thread WTS WA - & OR -- Misc Parts/Holster/Pouches
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