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  1. For Trade
For trade, Bright Stainless Vaquero, 45LC, 5.5" barrel, I purchased this new in early 2002, test cartridge is dated 2/2002.
This gun has been lightly fired and has been setting in the safe for a while.

I am desiring a Glock 34 or 17L ideally. Open to other 9mm's with at least 5 inch of barrel, such as S&W m&P core and Springfield have some offering out ther. Leaning towards speed events with old eyes!
Would also consider a 1911 in 9mm or .45. Lots of magazines also!

Trade list considerations......
Glock 34/17L
S&W mp 9 core/pro 5inch+ barrel
1911 9mm, 45 considered
357 or 44 lever action
Ruger 22/45

I am offering up the Vaquero, leaning towards a no cash deal. Depending on what is offered, may include the cross draw holster and belt which will fir 34 to 40 inch waist.
I also have bullet mold and fairly good pile of brass, most of it new.

I would prefer to trade. The worst I can say is a courteous no thank you.

This is the original big frame Vaquero that can handle the stouter loads, not the new lighter model. was going to do cowboy action and hobbies changed.

Conversations best through Private Messaging as the world need not be in on our business!
20170514_154535_resized.jpg 20170514_154719_resized.jpg 20170514_154747_resized.jpg 20170514_154851_resized.jpg 20170514_155118_resized.jpg 20170514_154519_resized.jpg
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Hello. I am just letting you know that their is guy on Gunbroker who is pretending to sell your gun. He is using all of your photos and even using most of your description, word for word! I don't think Gunbroker will act even if you tell them it's your gun he's trying to sell. The owner of one of the other guns he's pretending to sell wrote to Gunbroker and provided them with photos etc of his ad, but they still haven't taken down this guy's post. But I thought you'd want to know anyway. Good luck with your sale! That's a great gun! https://www.gunbroker.com/item/900145151
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