Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan .44... where are they?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by freestoneangler, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Hello I'm new to the forum and not a gun buff by any stretch of the imagination -- so please keep that in mind when replying. After doing much research and having looked at the Ruger Alaskan, S&W 629, Taurus Tracker and M44 model revolvers, I've decided on the Ruger Alaskan. I really like the short barrel and it seems to have rave reviews from what I've read.

    Naturally, I've seem to have picked a gun that is not readily available new or used. I'd really like to find one used as I will only be using it periodically to do some practice but otherwise just packing around while in the backcountry with my true weapon of choice -- a 5 weight :thumbup:

    What's the deal with the Alaskan, does Ruger not make them anymore? I did find a new one for sale on the website, but finding any used is as rare as hens teeth. Someone told me nearly all of these are sold and in use in Alaska. I tried searching for some forums or firearm dealers up there, but don't find anything.

    Any suggestions on sources would be appreciated.

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    There have been a few for sale here in Oregon in the past. It's a nice gun and if one comes up for sale on NWFA in my area at a reasonable price then I'll race you for it! ;)
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    I just found quite a few here at gunbroker. Here's one with free shipping. They all seem to be new though, not used.

    Hope this helps. And if you need an ffl to transfer it for you there are lots of supporting vendors on this site who would gladly do it for you.
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    you probably aren't going to find any used ones as the Alaskan is a fairly new model. In my experience when most folks buy a Ruger they often have a hard time parting with them. They are fine revolvers. I do not have an Alaskan yet but I am sure it is a fine gun. I have a Blachhawk, a Super Blackhawk, a Redhawk, and a Super Redhawk. Some of the best revolvers made, tough, accurate, and dependable.:thumbup:
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    Bear Attack in Alaska. There was a recent Brown Bear Attack in Alaska whereby a local Alaskan defended himself with a Ruger Alaskan but he had misgivings about the .44 Mag. This happened to be at very short range and the Alaskan was used with 454 Casul (sp?) loads. Unfortunately, he relied on the hand loads and much to almost his misfortune he dropped the Brownie within several feet of where he stood--while the 5th round jamed due to poor primer seating depth. The Alaskan resident expressed much satisfaction over the 454 and misgivings and high anxiety of his previously carried .44 mg. If you happen to have the choice between the 454 vs. 44 you might think of this encounter and opt for the 454. If not, look at Buffalo Bore 44 mag which does have some 44 +p's. Also, as you know Smith and Wesson does have a short barreled .460 I think or a . 500 shortie as well. Good luck with this one.

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