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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by pokerace, May 3, 2012.

  1. pokerace

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    ?? Why are so many people selling their LC 9??? almost all in the classifieds have sold..

    I have been thinking of buying one with laser, please review the LC 9 for me.

    Any input from an owner or previous owner would be greatly appreciated...
  2. BigDaddyDMD

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    It is my everyday pocket carry and I have carried it for over 6 months. Fits my large hands well with the pinky extension and is accurate with a crimson trace installed (@ 15 yards). Excellent fit and finish, very streamlined and easily concealed. I carry it either in a pocket holster or a crossbreed supertuck IWB holster. The LC9 fits me much better than many of the other subcompacts and is not uncomfortable to shoot. Cons: The double action pull is longer than I like and heavier than I like, but that is to be expected with a DA only Ruger. I don't like the short sight radius, but the iron sights are adjustable and accurate; I just prefer the crimson trace on it. I would buy another one if I am needing a sub-compact carry gun.
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  3. matt2680

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    I bought one last year and sold it shortly after.

    I hadn't had a ton of experience with DAO pistols when I got it and was not a fan of the trigger pull. I've since purchased a Keltec PF9 and like the feel of it much better. Although I have installed the aftermarket trigger for it.

    Looking back on it, with a little practice, I could've gotten used to the LC9 and probably been happy with it. It always felt good in my hands, besides the trigger pull.

    Bottom line, if you know what you're getting into with the trigger pull and expect it to take a bit to get used to it, then you'll probably have no problems with it and be happy with your purchase.
  4. NoviceSquared

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    Yup, the trigger takes some getting used to. Other than that it's a great little pistol.
  5. optiontrigger

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    I had two PF-9s and have two LC-9s. Between the two, the Ruger was the easiest to shoot by far, being much softer in recoil. It could be because the LC-9 is slightly heavier - I think by about two ounces, but still really light at 17 oz. And even my skinny fingers could barely get enough room in the front of the Kel-Tec's triggerguard to reset the trigger. There's a lot more room in the LC-9.

    That said, both are hammer style and the trigger pulls are long. Crimson Trace makes lasers for both. The warrantee is free and I'm not going to lie - I had to use both companies' customer service to get them working correctly. I found Ruger's to be excellent and good for Kel-Tec.

    As my first sentence said, I was able to shoot both side by side as a comparison using the same ammo, prompting me to sell the PF-9s and keep the LC-9s. Either way, everybody's priorities and ergonomics are different so make your own decisions.

    This isn't meant to be critical of one gun over the other - the OP wanted actual owners to respond. When the LC-9 came out there were a lot of forum posts bashing it for the manual safety as being the dealbreaker (not the mag safety or loaded chamber indicator). I bought it anyway since none of those forums had any reviews from shooting it or carrying it. All their biases were from the pictures and specs posted online. Now I see a lot of the same people posting that they want the new S&W Shield, which also has an external safety. I think there's a lot of bandwagon mentality out there and people are quick to criticize when there's safety in numbers, unless it's a brand that they like.

    OP, if the item is being sold then the demand is still there, especially after any depreciation for FFL transfer, sales tax, markup, etc. It's a gun that has a certain price point window and as long as they're within that range, it has value, and Ruger and Kel-Tec CS doesn't care if you're the first owner. They will take care of any problems.
  6. RBid

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    I had an LC9, briefly.

    The trigger break is so far back that your hand tends to move slightly during trigger pull. This little wiggle translates into inconsistent shooting. That was the only issue I had with it, but I could not get around it.

    I traded my LC9 for a Kel Tec PF-9. The PF-9's break is very slightly forward, compared to the LC9's, but that little difference is huge at the range. I shoot the PF-9 better at 50 feet than I shot the LC9 at 20. Granted, I have large palms, and average finger length, so my hands exacerbate the LC9's trigger issue.
  7. jrprich

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    I also had one for a short time..........I really disliked the trigger. There is an aftermarket fix now but I don't recall the company.
  8. Iceberg

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    I bought one last year and sold it off quickly, the trigger was very hard to get used to. That said, I just bought one for my son-in-law's birthday present. He really liked mine and wanted one to carry when he needed something larger & more powerfull than his LCP. I had a Crimson Trace Laser mounted on it for him. I bought a Beretta Nano for myself since it has more of a Glock type trigger and is quite a bit smaller than the LC9. The Beretta also comes w/ two mags, the Ruger only comes w/ one.
  9. wakejoe

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    Just bought one for my wife to carry for summer.

    The trigger is pretty bad (Since I shoot 1911's and tuned-up glock triggers) but it was easy to get used to. Shoots like a champ.

    Dunno about reliability, we shot 200 rounds but it was not run very hard.

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