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Never fired Ruger GP-100 357 mag, 4" barrel. Case, instructions, lock, soft holster and a couple of boxes of ammo. Bought this a few years ago, never fired it and it's just taking up room in my cabinet.
F2F to Oregon resident buyer, buyer pays all fees, use Bad Dog Guns in Philomath for FFL. Buyer signs BOS
2019-01-05 09.18.19.jpg 2019-01-05 09.18.46.jpg
That is a great revolver and a square deal. I know a guy that has a gp stainless .357 6 inch barrel. It is too big to really keep on the hip all day. It is very accurate with the longer barrel, but he says he should have got the 4 incher.
Curious, what's the purpose of a BOS when it all goes through the state?
Bill of sale is still a good practice, if ownership becomes a question, when I worked in a gun shop, we sometimes had to dig up old receipts (which we charged for) because the state would want a court order or something to provide the paperwork they were requiring that they already have. And even in the digital age, records still get screwed up.
I own a blued version of this gun. This is a very good deal on a great gun. It's a dream to shoot with .38's and it handles .357 mag all day. Someone please buy this so I don't.
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