Romanian Ak-47

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    Romanian WASR Ak-47 - 7.62x39, shot about 300 rounds through it but I'm getting an AR so it has to go. Shoots great, no malfunctions with either Wolf or Hotshot ammo. Clay pigeons at 50 yards kind of accuracy. Comes with all the regular accessories...plywood furniture, 2 - 30 rnd mags, pouch, bayonette, leather sling, oiler and cleaning kit. I added a rubber recoil pad to lengthen stock, a red bakelite grip(you get the black one too), Blackjack buffer, and an M-14 style flash hider...$525, offers fine. I can also include 2 more mags and one sealed tin, 700 rounds, of ammo for my cost...$200. ID at time of sale.
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