WTS OR Rifles (Savage, Mauser)

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by MountainBear, Jan 23, 2016.

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    A couple rifles gathering dust that I'd like to move down the road.
    First up is a 1st gen savage scout that I recently got in trade. I've taken it out and shot it a few times, but it's not really sticking. I've tried to love savage, but can't quite get there. It's in excellent shape. The scope is a 2.75x Burris gloss scope. Asking $575 for the package.

    Next is an 1895 Chilean Mauser in 7x57. It is in good shape. The stock has been sporterized, but the rest of the gun is in military dress. It was an impulse buy off gun broker, and when it got here, it was too nice to strip for just the action. As it sits, it would make a great little iron sight hunting rifle, and if it doesn't sell, that's probably what I'll keep it as. Asking $250 for the gun.

    As for transfer, I am a gunsmith, so if you care to drive to sweet home, I will cover the transfer except the $10 to the state. Otherwise I will deliver the guns to your ffl of choice as far as Albany and you can cover any fees. If you want me to ship, that's fine too, but you can pay.

    As for trades, I'd rather sell. I never say no, but I'd have to be fairly impressed. Thanks for looking!


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