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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by bmw2, Aug 16, 2015.

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    I'm looking for a concealed carry holster for a revolver that isn't a "high ride", something that has the cylinder more in line with the belt than above it. I'm a large fellow and between the weight of the gun being up that high and my physique pushing out on it the grip sticks out too much. It's worse with a short barrel like this one as it's more top heavy. It's for a Taurus 617 which is a seven shot .357 that falls a little between a K and L frame, size wise. I've got a couple of K frame holsters that fit pretty good as they're pancake holsters and not super for fitted but they ride too high unless I carry further back than I like to.

    Yes it's a taurus and no I'm not dumb :) Skagit Arms made me a package deal I couldn't pass up when I went in for an XD 45 and it shoots damn good with 158gr ammo and the timing and lock up are good.
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    I have a 617, which I carry in either a Bianchi 7/7L, leather belt slide, or a BladeTech kydex pancake holster. The Bianchi has the ability to present a forward cant to the revolver, which may help with the high-rise problem, and the BladeTech is fully adjustable. Good luck.

    I don't buy into brand bashing. I own two Taurus' revolvers, both of which perform as expected. The only problem I've encountered with the 617 was during rapid firing it has had a tendency to lock-up, but that is a shooter's problem, not the gun's. I found when dry-firing, that I tended to short-stroke the trigger causing the lock-up. With proper trigger control, it works great.
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    This ISN'T what you are looking for but it should show you want you don't want from a brand:

    Markings on holster:
    Gould & Goodrich
    Photo Aug 24, 7 43 02 PM.jpg
    This is what I carry my GP100 3" around in OWB. Rides a "little" higher than I want but with my carry position it requires me to tuck shirt between grip and my jelly.

    Of course it's also NOT an IWB.

    If you want a deep IWB you probably should consider having one made from Kydex. Pretty simple for a maker to adjust the bury depth on that.
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