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Reminder for Dec. 15th

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by redboneshadow, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. redboneshadow

    redboneshadow Seattle New Member

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    Stop the Seattle Gun Ban Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels plans to ban Guns
    With no regard for your right to self-defense
    And In defiance of state law

    Your Attendance is Critical! Let your voice be heard NOW!

    On December 15, 2008 a public hearing will be held in the Bertha Knight Landes room at
    Seattle City Hall, 600 Fourth Avenue, with sign-in beginning at 5:30 p.m.

    This ban will infringe on your right to carry in these areas:

    * All city ow!ned property

    * All city parks

    * The Seattle Public library

    * The Seattle Center

    Please Attend This Important Hearing.
  2. Doc In UPlace

    Doc In UPlace Tacoma-ish Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for the post!
  3. fingolfen

    fingolfen Oregon Member

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    Good luck guys - I've blogged some of the BS the Seattle Mayor is up to... joker should be arrested for violating the Washington State and Federal Constitutions...
  4. Sun195

    Sun195 Pugetropolis, WA Well-Known Member

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    An "official" email I received from the City of Seattle:

    Sign-in begins at 5:30 - remember, the earlier you sign-in, the earlier you speak. If you're serious about signing-in for an early slot, you'll show up well before 5:30. I have no sense of how many people will turn out for this.

    Of course, it doesn't really matter anyway - nothing said will stop this from happening. This will probably be resolved in court.
  5. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Moses Lake, WA Active Member

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    Just curious:is CPL allowed in City Hall?

  6. borrowedsig

    borrowedsig Lincoln, Nebraska Active Member

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    I dont live in seattle so can i still speak? I cant make it because i work nights otherwise i would show up with alot of fellow gun owners.

  7. A2theK

    A2theK Olympia Member

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    You write "State law allows private property owners to prohibit the presence of firearms on their property..."

    Since when is the city (a public agency) a private property owner??? You have very bad counsel if you think that will fly in a court not controlled by City Council.

    Criminals will target people in parks...

    I hope all the of rape victims and crime victims sue the City into more debt.

    See you in court for violating the State Constitution. This is why I moved from your "government knows best" city.

    Also, you wrote "The suspect in the Folklife shooting had a concealed weapons permit, despite a history of drug abuse and mental health problems."

    That's your fault or the county/city that issued the CPL.

    Why make a law or rule because of one, two, three or even 100 incidents?

    The rights of the individual are more important than "community" rights.

    Remember it's not "city owned" property - it's citizen owned...

    and remember who pays your salary.

    Mayor Nickels is a crooked idiot for proposing something so un-American as this

    Also, I want copies of all postings published and emailed to me at deltaconcepts@gmail.com as a request under the public records act. I have documented this and if you do not comply you can be fined 100/per day under RCW 42.17 and it's revisions