WTS OR Rem700 .223 SPS Tactical

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    Remington 700
    .223 Chamber
    SPS Tactical (heavy 20” barrel)
    Barrel is NOT threaded, I’m sure Velzey could assist you with that.
    HS Precision Carbon Fiber stock
    If memory serves right on the stock... Remington 700 Short Action BDL Large Barrel Stock | PST008 | HS Precision

    Maybe 250 rounds down range


    Not sold with optic or bipod.
    Rings & base are included.

    Not interested in any trades unless you have something you think I can’t live without.

    • MilSurp anything,
    • Magnum rifles
    • Wildcats
    • Plastic pistols
    • 1911’s
    • Classic lever rifles (Winchester etc)
    • Nothing in 30-30/.30WCF
    • Common use pistols
    • Modified rifles
    • Modified pistols (no, I don’t like your stipling)
    • AR-15’s in 5.56/.300BLK,
    • Anything 7.62x39
    This is primarily a Four Sails ad.


    Please send offers to inbox.
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