FOR SALE - $2500 for the lot

Ultra Sonic Cleaner
Cyclone Tumble Cleaner
25 Assorted 3 die carb sets
2 gal. buckets of unopened casings
1000s of new casings, various calibers
1000s of unopened snugs - all calibers
15 new shell plates - all calibers
Lead scuba weights, melting pot, cast your own slugs
Too much to list.
Phone calls only. no texts or messages. 425-359-3957
Serious Reloaders ONLY.
No time to educate new comers.

iphone 307.JPG iphone 308.JPG iphone 309.JPG iphone 310.JPG iphone 311.JPG iphone 312.JPG iphone 313.JPG iphone 314.JPG iphone 315.JPG iphone 316.JPG
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Please add a price. As per forum rules it is required. If you don't we will need to delete the add. Once you post a price I will clean the thread and delete all the comments.

Thank you


OP, that is a nice collection of reloading equipment and supplies.
It would be nice if you edited your first post and put "FOR SALE -$2500 for the lot. Don't miss this one time opportunity." in the first post.
It makes a big difference to us what the reloading dies, brass, powder, and bullets are These are firearm/caliber specific.
If you want $2,500 for all of it you will need a more detailed list and more pictures.
Many of us have fairly complete reloading setups and supplies and would only want to buy this or that to add to or upgrade.
You may need to list items in groups or individually to sell them.
I would be interested in your bullet molds IF I knew what they were and what you wanted for them.

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