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This is one of the last batch of Winchesters made in the Hartford, CT plant before production moved to Japan. It’s from 2003-2006 when they replaced the cross-bolt safety with the less obtrusive tang safety. This is a 16” saddle ring carbine. Wood and metal are both in great shape. I’m the original owner and it has less than 1,000 rounds through it. I’ll also throw in 180 rounds of Hornady XTP.

Asking price is $700. Possible trades include revolvers in .38, .357, or 9mm, or a bolt gun in 7.62x39, but I’m open to other offers as well. We can do the transfer at the FFL of your choice anywhere between Eugene and Portland. 084A690E-0C6C-4DFA-80D4-BCFFD6F13FDF.jpeg 8D588B20-70AE-445D-9D72-2BBC657FDCD5.jpeg 36F68F63-004C-489D-B959-4BA666AC2A7E.jpeg B3B8AE44-B827-4040-994C-359724F7BB93.jpeg 5D343721-7516-41D0-A823-BE93D39F7E4A.jpeg
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