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    If any of you folks have the time and do any form of net research on pro-gun issues and findings against the anti-gun agenda, please e-mail the citation to OFF. I send to OFF some of my research (net news, articles, etc.) that is found either locally, state wide or nationwide and sent to Kevin. He posts some on this on his webpage and cc to his members.

    Please be vigilant to what appears in the news, press or what ever and copy one way or another to Kevin, NW Firearms and send to the SB 1551 Senators--those articles that support our position or undermine the opposition.

    Thanking everybody in advance for their help to defeat SB 1551.

    There is a great article in Oregon Live as of this writing:

    "ATF tactics flawed in highly-touted undercover Oregon operation aimed..."

    Pacific Northwest News | Washington, Idaho, Oregon -

    This article cites that super sized numbers of stolen guns in Multnomah County and all counties across the state. The FBI and the OregonLive journalist found that most stolen guns are not used in criminal activities.
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    Yep, I send OFF, NRA, NRA-ILA, Wayne L, NRA Grassroots, GOA, and USCCA and OSSA those things multiple times a day.

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