WTS OR Primed .243 Brass, GFL (Fiocchi) Headstamp, from Pulldown, Unfired

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    For sale: Primed .243 Brass, GFL (Fiocchi) Headstamp, from Pulldown, Unfired

    I have 302 pcs. of primed, unfired .243 brass, GFL (Fiocchi) headstamp, that came from pulldowns. Will need neck sizing and possibly deburring, but otherwise still looks shiny and new!

    Graf's currently has the same item on sale, for comparison:
    Fiocchi Brass 243 Winchester Primed Bag of 100 - Graf & Sons
    These didn't come from Graf's, but it looks like the exact same product.

    $90 $75 for the lot. (Plastic ammo boxes not included, only shown to confirm quantity.)
    *Local sales only, due to HazMat*

    IMG_20190325_190234.jpg IMG_20190325_185823.jpg IMG_20190325_185650.jpg

    Prefer FTF near Tualatin Cabela's or Tigard Pawn.

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