Primary Arms and Spikes Tactical = Great Team!!

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    In January of 2015, I purchased a set of what was then new, the Spikes Tactical Billet Micro Back Up Iron Sights from Primarry Arms. I’m not going to lie, I’ve always been a bit of a Spike fan-boy. Anyway fast forward to January 2016. I’m at MRC with JuKk0O toying with my new Trijicon MRO and getting it sighted in on the same rifle that the Spikes BUIS were mounted on. I’ve always had a red dot sight on this particular rifle so never really used the Spikes BUIS other than when I first bought, mounted and sighted them in.

    I left the range before JuKko0 that day and it wasn’t long before I got a text from him asking if I’d lost my front Spikes BUIS. A quick inspection revealed that indeed I had. I asked him to save it for me and he agreed but also informed me that they were useless as the clamping ledge of the sight had sheared off. If you know how much these sights cost you can understand how disappointed (pissed) I was.

    I didn’t even wait until my next meet up with JuKko0. I e-mailed Primary Arms about what had happened as soon as I got home. The representative at PA responded, literally within 5 minutes with a forwarded e-mail to a Spikes Tactical representative confirming my invoice and purchase of the product. The Spikes representative replied to me that a new front BUIS would be in the mail to me in the morning. Less than 5 days later I had my brand new replaced BUIS.

    I was extremely impressed with this level of service from both Primary Arms and Spikes Tactical. I expected them to request the broken BUIS or some proof that it broke but they never questioned my integrity in any way. I had the new BUIS in hand before I ever recovered the broken one from JuKko0. The only question that remains in my mind is; has this breakage of their Spikes Tactical Micro Billet BUIS been an ongoing problem that they were previously aware of? Might explain why they seem to be so difficult to find now. Maybe they pulled and discontinued them. I haven’t been able to find them in stock anywhere.




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