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SOLD Looking to trade an excellent condition preban Galil 386 chambered in 5.56/.223. This rifle is immaculate looking. No box or paper work and I fired by me. The action is buttery smooth. Unknown round count from previous owner, it doesn’t look like much. I don’t see any significant signs of wear on the action pieces. I have 11 thirty-five round mags and 5 fifty round mags also included. Sling not included.

My cell is 253-441-9744

FOR A VERY SHORT TIME (as of 4-2-19) I will accept 3000 for the whole package, ONLY because there’s something I want and a very short window to get it. I will give it a couple days and the price goes back up.

WAS SOLD NOW SOLD cash or trade TOWARDS an FN FNC 18” Paratrooper straight trade. I am not interested in any other trades at this time

*Ill take a Russian SKS as partial trade as well

88868E05-2042-4686-A276-07C95F0F7CE0.jpeg B0ECBFFC-6454-40F5-A5C2-C9A4F161C301.jpeg D002D212-64BF-48DB-AD00-7F883DC6396B.jpeg 4AD2C72F-88F9-4AB5-A7F2-5C810A636D6A.jpeg
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AWESOME specimem!!

I own it’s long lost big-brother in .308... LOL! ;)

View attachment 550959

Good luck with the sale! :s0155:

Damn you Stomper. In the 90's I had the wood/bipod version and had to sell after the ex left. I have been looking for another ever since. I killed my very first deer with it in 1991 on Mt. Si above Northbend WA. Put me on the list........:rolleyes:
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