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I have a variety of reloading powders, small & large pistol primers, once fired range brass, bullets and ProChrono Chronograph for sale.

Reloading powders are all a few years old (see below), so I am flexible on price within reason, however I am only looking for cash (no trades). If you'd like to make an offer please don't hesitate to ask, I'm looking to get this stuff off the bench.

Powders and primers are unopened/untampered, all with original factory seals. They have all been boxed and safely stored with desiccant packs indoors in an air conditioned space away from heat and moisture. I also shrink wrap all of my unopened containers to keep everything tidy and dust free.

Reloading Powders - $18/ea or 2 for $32, Will take $160 for the whole lot.
Hogdon PB 1lb (x1) - SOLD
Alliant Blue Dot 1lb (x2) - SOLD
Alliant Green Dot 1lb (x2) - SOLD
Alliant Bullseye 1lb (x1) - SOLD
IMR Hi-Skor 800-X 1lb (x5) - SOLD
IMR Hi-Skor 700-X 1lb (x1) - SOLD

CCI Large Pistol Primers No. 500 (1000 ct, x1) - $25 FIRM - SOLD
CCI Small Pistol Primers No. 300 (1000 ct, x1 + 100 ct x7, 1700 total) - $35 FIRM - SOLD

X-treme Bullets 10mm RNFP 220gr 500ct - $60 FIRM

Hornady XTP 9mn 124gr HP 100ct - $15 - SOLD

ProChrono Chronograph - $70 - SOLD
Used a few times, in good shape with original box and manual

Once Fired Brass - $100 FIRM (please read) UPDATE: Against my own word I got bored and started sorting these. I will post rough quantities per weight hopefully by this evening so that anyone interested has a better idea. Would still like to sell this as a single lot, but if you can convince me otherwise, do your worst. Disregard below until I have update the thread.
I have a 5 gallon bucket filled to the brim with a bunch of different cartridges. I have only a rough idea which calibers are in it and no idea how many of each, my best guess is below. I don't have the time or patience to go through it, so its all or none.

Most (probably 95%) of what's in there has been cleaned and polished. A good amount of it is sorted, some is loose.

The bulk of the bucket is (I believe) 9mm, .40 s&w, .45 acp, .223/5.56, .30-06, and .30-30. There is also some .308, .300 win, .243, and a handful of 10mm, .44, .357 and maybe some others.

NEW ITEMS (8-18-20)
Make me an offer on any of these, hopefully it is okay that I post a few boxes of ammo here.

  • Blazer 9mm 115gr FMJ 50ct Box - PENDING SALE
  • Remington UMC 220gr FMJ 50ct Box
  • Federal .32 AUTO 71gr 50ct Box
  • X-treme bullets 9mm 124gr TMJ 100ct (an additional handful of 115gr FMJ are bagged separately inside as well, bonus!) - PENDING SALE
  • I've got about 250 9mm brass cases that have already been primed, just need some powder and seat a bullet. About 30-40 of those are Speer Nickel plated - PENDING SALE

Will meet around the Vancouver/Orchards area only, available most evenings. Feel free to ask questions.


20200816_170557.jpg 20200816_170529.jpg 20200816_154712.jpg 20200816_170617.jpg 20200816_151423.jpg 20200816_170708.jpg 20200818_073059.jpg 686243-479b5ee3017f8264000e4758e4e97125.jpg
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I will take the blue dot powder and all the primers.

And the 9mm xtp bullets.
Can do. I am in the Vancouver/Orchards area, available tonight or most evenings from 6-9pm.. let me know what a good time is.

Edit: Primers pending sale
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