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Powder Horn Gun Shop

Pretty friendly folks.

They have a wide and varied selection, mostly used guns.

They have lots of muzzle loading firearms, more than I think I've seen elsewhere.

I've never bought there, but I did sell a pistol there, and they gave me a reasonable amount, all things considered.
Don is one of the foremost authorities on the West Coast when it comes to BP Metallic Cartridges.
He has customers from all over the world.
Haven't been out there much since he moved from Hillsboro.
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Having dealt with them quite a bit when they were walking distance from my work in Hillsboro in the 80's and 90's I have some interesting on Don and his business, especially his "gunsmithing" skills and meeting the needs of the customer.

Example: A co-worker took his SA .45 LC to have it retimed (it was slightly shaving at the time). Don took it in for a few days ( he was located at his store by 2nd and Main at this time) and when it was returned to the co-worker it would not function properly at all. Turns out Don timed it as a .44 Magnum and not as a .45 LC. He reset it and this time it was good.

Example: I had a 1987 Buckmark that through my youthful exuberance in cleaning sent it's extractor into another dimension. I took it to Don for a repair. Three times and $30 bucks later it still wouldn't extract. Don had decided to be cheap and try to make his own extractor from other guns to work. I called up Browning myself, in 3 days and $5 I had an OEM extractor and replaced it myself. Still works today.

Example: Having learned little from my past experiences (never claimed to be a good judge of character) I got bit by the T/C Contender bug at the same time a co-worker did. He went to Al's in Verboort, I chose to take the "easy" route and walk to Don's (he was between 4th & 5th on Main now) and order mine. Two weeks later my co-worker was fondling his new gun while I was waiting. 4 weeks and I get a call, my gun was in. I went to pick up my new gun and much to my chagrin he ordered a frame with a 16" front stock and a 14" barrel. I asked why would I want a 16" stock when I ordered a 14" barrel. He said he would take care of it. Two weeks later and another call, my stock was ready. I go in, he instead of reordering the proper 14" stock he simply drilled a hole in the 16" stock to make it work with the 14" barrel. And he wanted to charge me $25 for the work ARRRRGGHHHH. I said no, that I paid for the proper stock and I was not paying anymore. I took the morphidite stock with me and still have it to this day, as a reminder of why I haven't been to his Forest Grove store and will never go. If you like having an okie work on your guns, then it's place to go. I have my doubts that he has gotten any better with age.
"Two weeks later....instead of reordering the proper 14" stock he simply drilled a hole in the 16" stock to make it work with the 14" barrel. And he wanted to charge me $25...."

Now, that's funny, I don't care who you are....
Guess I'll add that one to places never to go.
Thanks for the belly-laugh.
never had Don do any work for me, but I have bought a 357 from them. price was fair. last time I was in there the guy behind the counter told me that the store was for sale.

Also if you go in there most of the time its more like a social club than a busniess. Then I found out no one "works" there, the people other than Don are just friends who hang out there. the only thing they get is to buy stuff at cost. no pay check.
I would like to point out that Don has had some health problems and previously the "social" crowd have been some friends backing him up.
I did not mean to imply that in a negative way. and I am sorry if it came across that way. In all honestly I thought it was a cool thing. :s0155:
Please understand that I enjoyed the fact that people were hanging out and talking, it made it more enjoyable of an atmosphere than some of the stores we go to with crappy customer service and no desire to be helpful at all. that is what I ment by more of a social club than business. I think most of us would rather go to a place like that with friendly people hanging out, then to go get yelled at and overcharged at a place like "the gun room".
The powder horn is way out of my way but I still stopped by there when I was looking for reloading stuff first before driving back in the other direction to check other shops because of the social nature of the store. I will drive the distance to see if Don has it in stock, not because its easy of becaause I enjoy driving through Hillsboro, but because its a fun shop to hang out in and I learn alot from the "old timers" out there.
Thanks for the comment Gixxer - I just wanted people to understand that the "social crowd" in the Powder Horn have the best of intentions.

Don runs a business in an ethical way. I am sure he screws up sometimes but he is the most honest gunshop owner I know. He is not cheap on his sale price and he will not pay more than he has to on a purchase but you would never find him cheating a little old lady bringing in her deceased husband's gun.



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