OFF ALERT Political Tax Credit. Use It Or Lose It.

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    If you’ve made a donation to our Political Action Committee this year, we thank you. Your support has been immensely important in allowing us to take on fights for gun rights no other organization would consider.

    If you have not made a donation to Oregon Firearms Political Action Committee in 2015, please consider the advantages.

    Your contribution can help us protect gun rights and cost you nothing.

    Donations to OFFPAC qualify for a tax credit of up to $100.00. That’s not a mere “deduction.” This is an actual credit against any money you owe the state of Oregon.

    If you file jointly you can take up to $100.00 off your Oregon tax bill. If you are a single filer you can take up to $50.00 off your bill. It’s hard to beat that.

    For details on how this works see this link.

    You can send a donation made out to “OFFPAC” at PO Box 556, Canby OR 97013 or make a safe online donation at using this link.

    Please be sure to pick “Political Action Committee” from the “Donation Category” drop down menu to make sure you receive the proper receipt.

    This is a terrific way to help us at possibly no cost to you, but you have to do this before the end of the year to get the tax credit for 2015, so don’t put it off. Get your tax credit today.

    Beginning January 1, 2014 there is an income limitation for the Oregon Political Tax Credit. The credit is eliminated for contributors with federal adjusted gross income of over $200,000 for a joint tax return and $100,000 for other individual tax returns.

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    Just submitted my donation to the PAC for 2015 . . . .

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