First off, please no rude comments or anything bad. Please and thank you.

This is a rare collectors piece as they are hard to find and are considered the best for quality and etc. It is imported by Intrac of Knox TN. This is also not a cheap Russian or Chinese M-44. It is honestly the best mosin example I have ever seen. Most are beat to hell, but this is a work of art. This gun has all matching numbers and has a very beautiful wood stock and bluing. I have never shot this gem, but it has probably been shot at the factory. It is dated 1953 and the markings are crisp and clear. The trigger and bolt are so smooth compared to other mosins. The craftsmanship that the Polish put into this gun is just outstanding. The rifling is great and doesn't seem to be warn down at all or look like a sewage pipe. Now there are some cons to this gun, one of them is the bluing at the front of the top hand guard. Other than that this is a beauty and has been a safe queen ever since I have had it. It doesn't have any rust that I know of. Everything is as solid about this gem. Its just so beautiful but because of that im afraid I will have to let this go to fund some other things.

EDIT: Sling is Russian :(.... Also, I will only sell to a OR resident if they have a C&R license or you Pay all ffl fees and other fees that may occur.

Price is always negotiable but don't low ball me.

I am asking $450.00 OBO

Ive done my research on the prices and I believe this would be a fair price to ask for this gem considering you can look at it in person and not pay shipping and etc. Remember im not talking prices from 2008 and etc. Im talking today's prices.

Im open to trades, but I honestly need cash more than a trade. But cash is king.

You can reach me either by private message or email: [email protected]
I will try to respond back as fast as possible, but please no negative comments or anything rude please.

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