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    I have a 40 GB Playstation 3 that is throwing a laser error. After talking to Playstation they said it probably needs a new laser. A buddy looked into and they for for 69 shipped. I never really played games with it but mainly used it for a Blu Ray player. It access PS Network and does the downloads no problem.

    The error happened after the latest patch was downloaded and after looking it up it has been a common problem for the older 40GB its a second generation PS3. It will come with what it comes with brand new along with the orginal box. So cables and controller.

    I am willing to trade it for a 22. let me know what your offering, or sell it for $120.

    As a side thing I do have the Playstation Blu Ray Remote and I have the newest Grand Theft Auto, Brothers In Arms. Willing to sell those so let me know or trade.

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