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    Thanks for the Mammaries, Playboy!
    Venerable skin mag drops nudity in favor of "expanded coverage of liquor," PG-13 thrills.

    Playboy started publishing before I was born. My first exposure was seeing the centerfolds in the basement. My dad had cabinets on the inside of which he hung the centerfolds. Those came down about the time I turned 10.
    My dad has a memory of finding a bunch, stack, of Playboys in our 3 season porch, Thought I had left them there. Wish I had - I would have been the coolest 12 yr old in school! To this day I don't know who actually stashed them. I believe it was our next door neighbors oldest boy - about 4 years older then my best friend - a month younger than I am.
    My favorite parts were always the jokes and the cartoons.
    I remember one, old guy and the gold digger, guy has red scratches on his back, is saying "Nails don't cause scratches, people cause scratches" ( I can't search playboy at work)

    I never subscribed.

    What is your first Playboy memory?
  2. Just Jim

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    They used to have 5 million subscribers and now they are down to 800,000. Net porn killed them.
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  3. ZA_Survivalist

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    I was 9 or 10.. Found a few near a neighborhood pool with my buddy.
    We instantly knew this was some cool stuff.

    I guess older kids forgot them because there was a few other things like a radio, beer, a guitar.. Who knows maybe it was a creepy guys little get away.. In any event we saw those magazines and didnt understand the big deal.
    Playboy has been incredibly PG forever compared to other skin mags.

    And now for PB to scale back even more for products ads? Unless you're a collector I have no idea why you'd still subscribe to playboy.. With the interweb and all with its vast perversions.. There is quite a bit to see
    (or so I hear).

    My magazine vice is: "The book of the AK"
    Comes out ONCE a year.. I have all the mags but the very first issue.
    ..Now that is a mag I could look at all day.
  4. Redcap

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    Playboy hasn't been relevant since 1996.
  5. Siglvr

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    I can't say why they lost thousands of subscribers, but I know exactly why they lost this one. My last communication with them in response to a "come back" solicitation:

    "Sorry, I love your magazine but with one significant and glaring difference of opinion. That thing alone, your editorial views on the 2nd amendment, has caused me to not re-up my subscription and it will stay inactive until or unless you choose to alter your anti-gun stance regarding gun control. In the old days, I could overlook our difference on this single issue. Yet as time goes on,with billionaires like Bloomberg able to start shifting the public discourse and views by spending millions, I cannot ignore it and continue to support Playboy in any way. We part company over gun control. I leave you with Judge Alex Kozinskis' take on this:

    "The prospect of tyranny may not grab the headlines the way vivid stories of gun crime routinely do. But few saw the Third Reich coming until it was too late. The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed -- where the government refuses to stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees*. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once."

    Regards and best:

  6. misterarman

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    They already covered up the good parts on line and views went from 4 to 16 million.
    I read the article on msn.
    Never read a playboy article but read an article about them. Ironic I guess?
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  7. 45alive

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    You bunch of Pre-verts ! :s0001: Lol, My first was when I was around 8 and there was a small Cafe' in town that had PB Centerfolds in Plaques on the wall in the Gents restroom. My younger Brother made the DISCOVERY and I was waiting outside the door for my turn to go potty and he comes out and he says grinning, :s0108: ''There are pictures of naked girls in there.'' Well, I had to take a look and go potty also and just as I eagerly :s0115:entered the restroom, my MoM, which was the Momma Bear always waiting outside the door of the public restroom saw the Bounty of Flesh:s0095: and says in her German accent ''Those SHWINE'S !'' :s0075:
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  8. Kruejl

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    My dad got me one when I was 13. He just kinda left it laying on my bed. No complaints here. When I was a bit older, I subscribed for a few years. But quite frankly the articles were not interesting to me and the airbrushed shots were ok but lost their novelty and I quit subscribing. I'm surprised its even still around.
  9. salmonriverjohn

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    My dad's brother Ray moved in for awhile after he retired from the Navy,
    He had ALL of them from the 1st through the 70,s.
    He moved on to Virginia to become a (believe it or not) Babtist minister and left them downstairs in the basement boxed up for me to enjoy:s0152:
    Damn I do wish I still had them!
    Vargas girls were great too.
  10. jbett98

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    The house I grew up in had a double car sized carport and a 12' x 30' storage/laundry room that was attached to the other end of the carport.
    As I and my little brother and two sisters got older, my parents decided to enclose the carport and make it into a large family room. The storage room would become their bedroom with a master bath.
    The carpenters never opened an access from one attic to the other, so the attic above my parents bedroom was completely sealed off, or so they thought.

    One day when I was around 14, I was inside the lawnmower/chest freezer storage room that had been built off the back of my parents bedroom and discovered that the carpenters had cut a couple of boards in the ship lap attic flooring above to gain access while they were framing and insulating.
    Nobody knew about the secrete trap door, as my dad was always complaining about not being able to store stuff up there.

    My best friends older brother worked part time as a garbage man and he had rescued hundreds of playboys from the trash.
    We liberated all of the centerfolds and stapled them up to every available square inch inside of our newly formed secrete clubhouse.

    We charged all the local neighborhood boys 12 and over, a quarter a piece to spend 10 minutes gazing at the most heavenly sights imaginable to an adolescent boy.

    One day, I came home from playing baseball to see my dad and the neighbor from next door standing next to the burn barrel ogling my collection as they tossed one after another into the flames.

    I slunk passed them without them noticing me and later that night I saw that my dad had put a lock and hasp onto the attic trapdoor.

    He never said a word to me, and I personally believe that not all of them made it into the burn barrel.
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