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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by magshooter, Oct 23, 2011.

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    Are berry's plated bullets ok to shoot through glock barrels? I have heard that lead bullets are not good to shoot through glock barrels any info would be appreciated.
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    I think aside from Glock telling you not to shoot reloaded ammunition thru yours, that if you keep your plated bullets within the pressure range and speed range of soft lead bullets, that you should have no leading problems from shooting copper plated soft lead bullets.

    Should be no different from shooting any of the factory loadings that are the TMJ clean shooting type bullets, just their own version of what berrys makes.
    Just how I see it, others may have different thoughts.
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    The hexagonal bore of Glocks can be fouled very quickly by plain lead bullets (less than 20 rnds.) The cases I have heard of were usually 40's although I have seen a HK USP 45 Kaboom from this. The lead left in the barrel can cause an over pressure or the round to not fully seat in the chamber. As to whether the plating fixes or reduces this problem: maybe, maybe not. I haven't used them. I do always use plated bullets in my 22lr because I feel like they cause less fouling, but the barrel still gets pretty dirty.

    It's a risk reward question. It is not that likely to happen, or they couldn't sell them, however the consequences if it does are pretty bad: An exploded gun and maybe injury. If I was going to do it, I would begin by inspecting the barrel after every shot. When you build up a comfort level that the barrel is not fouling, and that the loads are consistent. Maybe you relax that a little.
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    Just remember plated bullets are not jacketed bullets. Don't use jacketed data. They are nearly as soft as lead. Get a match barrel for your Glock and shoot all the lead you like.

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