Paul Bunyan (Puyallup) USPSA Match Videos

Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by Aristotle13, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. ainokea

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    Great videos as usual. Wish i was shooting with you guys. I got DQ'd on the 3rd stage, I broke the 180 at the last part of the stage where you shoot around the barrier to get to the target at the other end. My first ever DQ, stupid mistake.
  2. Aristotle13

    Kent, WA

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    I thought you were in our squad, and didn't realize you wondered off. You need to stick around next time!

    There are two types in USPSA, those that have DQ'd, and those that will. You got yours out of the way, it was nice to see you take it with stride, and stick around and help. That shows a lot of character, which I'm not surprised. :thumbup:

    Been there done that, you shooting Marysville next Sunday?

    We also need to get your press set up, what's your schedule like? What calibers are you setting up to load? If you come down, I can show you my sequence and what I do and the gear I use to set up. It's a tedious and tight QA process, as you know, we don't have any room for error in USPSA. I'll spend more time QA'ing the bullets than it takes to make em'.

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