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Some may remember the British fellow (P. A. Luty) who, as a political statement, created submachine guns from common hardware and a published a book (or several books) on the projects. He was eventually caught, tried, convicted, and spent time in prison. Anyway, the authorities, evidently, didn't meltdown his guns, but rather some are at the Royal Armouries' National Firearms Centre. Anywho, Forgotten Weapons published a video today and I thought I'd pass it along in case others find it interesting. Cheers.

And for the all huze guys n' gals playing along with us at home, here's P.A. Luty's website with a bunch of free downloads.

The Home Gunsmith

Knowing how to make your own umbrella is a handy skill 'cause you never know when it's gonna rain. Or how much. Or for how long.


Check your local community college for "adult education" courses. Most offer night classes in basic machining and welding. Prices are usually quite reasonable. Extremely good investments. Because knowledge and skillz are something the gummit can't confiscate.

Or in the immortal words of Emil Faber: "Knowledge is good."

:s0159: Just my $.02. :s0060:


One thing that has had me curious is the procurement of ammunition, sure here in the US it is easy to aqquire brass, primers, powder ect
but in Europe (illegally) not so much, I mean sure you can buy the meterials to make a simple open bolt sub gun but the manufacture of ammunition would the much more difficult
You could turn cases on a lathe, you can make black powder with stuff you can get at a home improvement store, and you can make mercury fulminate with fairly simple chemistry,
so it wouldn't be totally implausible. That said, it's not something I would want to do more then once or twice for bragging rights, unless under extreme circumstances since it requires messing with mercury but doable none the less.
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