other places to shoot close to Coos Bay?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Shooting Areas' started by coosbaycreep, Aug 18, 2011.

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    Just moved back to this damp, dump of a town (summers are nice here at least), and I see that most of the crappy places I use to shoot at a few years ago have gotten considerably crappier.

    I use to shoot on the various roads inbetween Bandon and Coos Bay, but right now construction on 101 is blocking a lot of those, and there's logging, or drilling, or some other kind of industrial earth raping going on at a lot of these places.

    There's a few spots off of South Slough/Beaverhill Rd, but those spots were never very good to begin with, and are mainly either overgrown or blocked off now.

    I know of good places to shoot way over by Fairview up Middle Creek, Burnt Mountain, etc., but that's a really long drive from where I live now, and my vehicle gets bad gas mileage and has a 50/50 chance of breaking down everytime I go somewhere, so I'd like to find somewhere closer.

    Anyone know any other decent spots on public land?

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    The BLM portions of the North Spit, up any of the inlets lead into the Elliot State Forrest which has lots of good places to shoot. South of town on 101. Most of the roads are still open and shooters are welcome. Seven devils road is no good. Most of the land is private and closed. The key to keeping our places open to shooting is to always leave the place cleaner than you found it.

    Coos Bay is a great place to live. More to do here than a guy can possibly do in a year. The logging (tree farming) is responsible use of the land that actually creates more places to shoot. If there wasn't logging we wouldn't have any of the great roads into the woods. They also help protect the land by creating quick access for fire fighters in case of forest fires.

    Please take a non shooter and introduce someone to our sport. We all should be ambassadors to our sport. Hope to see you out shooting.
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    I usually go up Larson which leads you to the Elliott State forest. Again, it is a bid of a drive to a decent spot up there. We are SUPPOSE to get the Tioga Sportsmanship park someday but in the meantime my son and I joined the Siuslaw gun club, nice facilities and $50 a year.....still a drive, but we usually make a day of it and sometimes hit the dunes while we are up there. You can still shoot anywhere in the dunes as long as you are careful.

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