Oregon: Ivory Regulation Bill Expected for Senate Floor Vote

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    Don't think this will affect you... read and think again.

    Oregon: Ivory Regulation Bill Expected for Senate Floor Vote

    Senate Bill 913, the ivory regulation bill, could be up for a vote on the Senate floor as soon as tomorrow. As previously reported, SB 913 was introduced with the intent of curbing poaching and helping to end the illegal ivory trade. Unfortunately, SB 913 would not accomplish its purported objective. The bill would, however, harm those who have no part in these activities; firearm owners, sportsmen, hunters, recreational shooters and gun collectors who have legally purchased firearms (knives, jewelry, antiques and other items) that have incorporated ivory features for decades.

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  2. Just Jim

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    Ya I am going to put phony ivory on mine just to drive them nuts if this goes through. Pretty sure there already is a federal ban on ivory. The ban has had a very bad effect in the east and south.
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    What is the matter with these folks in Salem? Absolutely nothing better to do? They are out of control!:mad:

    The Federal regulations that are in place aren't good enough for them? Making more cumbersome regulations that are nearly impossible to interpret will somehow curb Al Qaida's and others interest in the ivory market?

    This is crazy.

    P1020316_zpsramfixz7.jpg "Only Memorex Knows."

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    More proof voters need to think harder about who they give control of the law making. Makes me sick what the democrats are doing.
  5. 308

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    Olsen simply asked "How do you measure the volume of a gun?" Hass's response after a long pause was: (not making this up) "By weight...or volume."

    I guess this means my 9lb Tavor can only have ~1.8lbs of ivory inlaid :(
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  6. Jim Colvill

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    I especially like the part in the bill which covers endangered species such as mammoths and mastadons. I can't wait for July so I can buy some of that $h*t they've been smoking.
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    Beam me up Scotty, there are no intelligent life forms in Salem! These law makers don't have a clue. How in the world does one (a person, LEO, etc) measure a knife, gun, piano, etc by VOLUME?

    Maybe the item in question must first be ground into fine powder and put into a measuring cup?

    Weight and Volume are two different means of measurement. Please Lord, introduce Salem to the NIST. (National Institute of Standards & Technology)

    Oygun's lawmakers have been using hard core drugs.

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    English guy outside WalMart asked to sign, I said what's it for? He told me to stop ivory and rhino horns. I told him I rather like my ivory and need the rhino horn to get an erection and went about my day. Hahaha true story.
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    There is so much more to do than wasting the time and effort on worthless legislation by worthless legislators!!!!
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  10. hker71

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    Unfreaking believable!! Those idiots have way too much time on their hands! I am afraid to think about what these jerks are going to do next. I am praying for the recall efforts!
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  11. albin25

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    NOW, NOW guys...let's not get our panties in a wad....this is probably not going to affect anyone the political class in Salem actually likes or respects....or raises money from.
    The Feds already ban it from coming INTO the country and I'm certain that the massive intellects presiding over Oregon are fully aware of that...so the goal of this law must be to save the Indigenous Oregon Elephant herds from any further decline. By extending protections to the Mastodon and Mammoth it will certainly guarantee their numbers will maintain their current levels for millennia to come.
    ............................. free-animal-smileys-458.gif free-animal-smileys-458.gif free-animal-smileys-458.gif free-animal-smileys-458.gif

    I'm confident it was probably just a staff error....and the great minds of Salem will make sure that the law it is amended to allow children to continue their baby-ivory trade with the Tooth Fairy Cartel. (there may be a State license/registration fee and Value Added Tax required)

    NOTE: If you are currently an Oregon State legislator....this is called sarcasm.
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