WTS WA OR too Laser Cast Bullets

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    selling some unopened boxes of Bullets.
    45LC 250 gr. RNFP box of 500 $65 Midway price $78.99+shipping
    45LC 300 gr. FP box of 500 $85 Oregon Trail price $96
    44 cal 200 gr. RNFP box of 500 $60 Midway price $65+shipping
    38 cal 158 gr. RNFP box of 500 $55 Midway price $61+shipping
    Shipping per box of bullets from Midway range from $13.99 to $15.99 on purchase of a single box. Multiple boxes would probably lower overall shipping cost. Prices are still approximately $25 cheaper than purchasing online.

    would take $245 for all located in Vancouver WA
    I don't think USPS flat rate would work unless boxes were opened and bullets placed in different packages due to size and shape of original boxes and box sizes available from USPS for flat rate delivery.

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