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Discussion in 'Community Help' started by The Heretic, Jul 2, 2017.

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    I like the fact that clicking on the dot by the thread title takes me to the latest post I have not read (or maybe the last post in the thread?), but I don't like the fact that clicking on the thread title of a thread I have not opened before takes me to the end of the thread.

    Possible cause: I click on the 'new' link to see what threads have new posts in them, then I only open the ones I am interested in. When I am done, I click the "mark forum read" link which eliminates them from the 'new' view. Maybe it marks the whole thread as 'read' to the end?

    What I would want, would be if I have never opened the thread, for it to always go to the beginning of the thread if I open it, not the end, not in the middle, the beginning. Whether I have clicked on the "mark forum read" link or not.

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