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    Damn, this is a nice gun. I don't say that too often. I really don't. I dislike allot of guns, trust me, but this one? This is nice.

    FNP 45 stainless slide, gripy polymer frame, all-ambi controls, Decocker model with adjustable backstrap.

    Trigger pull in DA is pretty tough. I'd say easily a few pounds more then a Glock. Trigger pull in SA is really nice, a little mushy, but overall really nice.

    I can't wait to shoot the ever livin' **** out of this thing. I may be my new favorite gun. Maybe. The best part of this thing without having shot it is that there is not a single engraved warning on it. No "Check the manual" or "this gun may cause death if used improperly" markings anywhere on it. Just the logo, where it was made and the caliber.

    The frame and slide on this gun very closely resembles a G21. The recoil guide is essentially the same, the metal tabs in the frame are very close. I'm sure of it that FNP modeled this gun after a G21, that's how close they are. Minus the manual decocker and DA/SA operation, of course.

    It is a pretty big gun. At the very least it feels a little bigger then a G21 in your hand. I don't think it was made with the intention of concealed carry however, so it works quite well.

    The mags are quite well made. I'm pretty sure they are stainless that has been treated with some type of blueing. I could be wrong, however. They might be just regular steel with bluing, but they don't scratch, so there is something else going on there.

    Slide to frame fitment isn't as good as maybe it could be, but it's not bad either. I can physically move the slide around (with allot of force mind you) when it's assembled on the frame. Not anything more then you would see on a Glock, but it is there.

    Will update with range report after the weekend.
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    I have sold a few of those. They are pretty big for my little hands. Enjoy.
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