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So I am not sure when exactly but was on a box of parts trade I did and in the box was around 75-100 9mm reloads it looks like. I have no idea who did the reloads so not using them, but also not sure what to do with them, as I do not load ammo.

Ideas thoughts?
Its not a problem or anything really other then I know they are there and keep moving them around because I don't want to use them.
You ever have something that you keep coming across and go oh yea. I did that again yesterday and thought what to do with them.
I have a 9mm, but not going to chance using them having no idea who did the reloading.
Like Heyjoe said. Give them to someone at the range. A new member at my range was trying to shoot some factory remanufactured ammo in his .308, and was having difficulty in chambering them in his rifle. He asked if I reloaded, and when I said yes, he offered the remaining 50 rounds or so to me. Said he wasn't sure they were safe to shoot. I took them home and pulled the bullets, and sure enough, when I measured the cases, they were ALL significantly overlength. I trimmed them all and reloaded them and they worked fine for plinking ammo. (Not sure if the powder charges were safe or not, but they were also very inconsistent. I just charged them with safe charges of IMR-4064).
Post them for free in the classifieds here... of course be sure to say that they are for components only.

Ill bet you will have them gone before the weekend is over.

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