Obama Recruits Children for Communist Takeover

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by CEF1959, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. CEF1959

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    It's all right here from the Fox News website.

    What's your favorite pro-socialist line from his address to American school kids? Is it the part about being responsible? Or working hard? Or the "God bless America" part at the end?

    As for me, I'm confused. So I'll just wait for Rush or Hannity or Glenn Beck to tell me what to think about it. I'm sure I'll come up with something. Then I'll start parroting what I've been told on various internet sites until it becomes true. Maybe put it on my blog so people will call it a "news article." Oh, and I think I'll start calling school administrators. Not sure what I'll say yet. Glenn? Rush? Sean? What do I say?

  2. elsullo

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    There are a LOT of people who will never believe ANYTHING positive about Obama, for three reasons: first, he is against the broad interpretation of the Second Amendment; second, they are against health care for poor people, calling that Socialism while calling themselves Christians (better that the poor just die); third, they are white racists, that's the bottom line......................elsullo :(
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  3. gunnails

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    I see nothing to discuss here, twas a nice enough speech by our President.

    Were there protesters in the vicinity carrying?
  4. Joe Link

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    9. The "Legal & Political" section is to pertain to firearms only. There shall be no legal & political discussion and/or material outside of the "Legal & Political" section.

    There are many different people here with many different viewpoints on various issues. Like religion, discussing these issues here is highly likely to offend and very little good can come of it. We need to be focusing on the things that bring us together (firearms), not the things that have the potential to divide us (politics).

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