Who around Portland sells Noveski, LMT and other ARs on that level? I'm looking at buying one and want a simple, high quality M4. No rails, just a removable carry handle, regular front sights, 4 or 6 position stock...I figure I'll put night sights on it, a short rail on the handguards, a Surefire X200 or X300 and call it good. Stick with the KISS stratagy.
If you are looking for a nice basic/reliable M4 I have a Bushmaster I have been thinking about parting with. It has a 14.5in M4 profile barrel with a permanently attached AK style brake to make it legal length, fixed front sight with flip up G&G rear and a Surefire dedicated housing tac light - think it's an M500. You could have the rifle and extras for less than the cost of a new Colt. Shoot me a message if you are interested.
Otherwise I'd agree the Noveske sounds like overkill for your intended purpose. There are lots of solid choices for a basic M4 that are well under the price of a Noveske... or a Colt for that matter.

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