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    Ex cert from the Newsletter I Rec.

    Before I get into the subject of this week’s newsletter I want to give everyone an alert. Senator Prozanski, who is the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has announced there will be hearings next Thursday and Friday on 4 gun bills. They are SB 347, 699, 700 and 796. The Democrats have the majority and therefor have the right to have hearings on any bills they wish. Elections have consequences, and one of those is the ability to set the agenda. As a member of the committee I will do everything I can to stop these bills and I think we may be able to. My request of anyone who intends to come to the hearings is to be respectful and comport yourself in a dignified way. Part of their strategy may be the hope there will be some sort of incident, and that is the last thing we need

    And Floyd said he wouln't do this.
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    A quick analysis of the Senate Judiciary Committee:

    5 members, 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans.

    Republicans Jeff Kruse (listed above) and Betsy Close will likely support us.

    Democrats Floyd Prozanski and Jackie Dingfelder will most certainly oppose us.

    That leaves Arnie Roblan, the "swing vote". A coastal Democrat, NRA member and generally a defender of our 2A freedoms. Was recognized as such by OFF.

    It might be worth sending Senator Roblan a short (SHORT!) note thanking him for supporting our interests and encouraging him to continue to do so. Encourage him to use his committee vote to kill these measures.
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