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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by ProfBri, Nov 27, 2012.

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    Hello all, I've got almost no experience with guns. I'll start taking some classes next week, and learning all I can.

    One thing I've learned is I would love to own a Bushmaster ACR, seems like one of the best for all around performance, reliability, and firing full of water or dirt. And with their construction materials, seems like they'd last forever with little maintenance.

    I next plan on purchasing a semi-auto shotgun and a semi-auto handgun. But I'm still researching those. Primary considerations are again, reliable (will shoot under any conditions) and very low maintenance, like with some of the lubricant free models with Melenite surfacing.

    Any and all helpful comments and advice are always appreciated. Suggestions on what types of guns I should get are also welcome.
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    I would suggest heading to a gun range which allows a person to rent/borrow firearms. In many if not all cases, these ranges require the person to already have a firearm on them before issuing one out (avoiding the crazies from stepping into a restroom with a rental).

    If you have a buddy who has a firearm, this would be a great avenue to travel down…

    Take some classes, read what you can, play with what you can and go from there. Choosing a firearm is like choosing a car; there are many Makes, Models and each have their own level of quality and purpose.

    I wish you the best and welcome to the forum,
    The Duck

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