Newbie question on ammo for .45 Bullseye

Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by Stevie, Sep 17, 2009.

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    I shot competition .22 for many years, just got a .45 and want to start getting into combined matches (recently moved out here to PDX). Joined Portland Rifle & Pistol club, it is near me.

    What sort of ammo is typically used for .45 Bullseye sections?

    I've tried a few just to see.....My (new to me, but used) Kimber Custom II Target isn't perfect on SWC, an occasional FTF (1 out of 50). Is round nose used for NRA Bullseye-type matches? The normal 230 gr. or do most use a lighter load for target?

    I don't handload and probably won't (still doing mostly .22)....I bought some lead RN handloads for practice (PDX R&P doesn't allow jacketed ammo on the 50 foot range, only on the 21 foot trap lane). Lots of smoke, but work well.

    I'm not even sure what questions to ask, but I'm betting that someone here will be able to set me straight!

    Also looking for ideas on nearby places to compete....I'm in close-in SE PDX. PDX R&P has a team that does .22 only...


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