New York Times spreads anti-gun junk science hysteria against concealed carriers

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    New York Times spreads anti-gun junk science hysteria against concealed carriers

    The Violence Policy Center and The New York Times want you to believe this is a class for training people to become "Concealed Carry Killers."
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    Falling back on a tradition of deceptive hysteria in order to subvert gun rights, the Fourth Estate Fifth Columnists at The New York Times are scaring those who don’t know any better into thinking lawful concealed carriers represent a significant menace to society. Relying wholly on numbers compiled from internet searches of news accounts by the Violence Policy Center, Gray Lady readers are being convinced that people who believe in self-defense and the right to bear arms pose an unreasonable criminal threat to everyone else.

    Understand that this is the “paper of record” that didn't seem to have a problem with concealed carry when publisher “Punch Sulzberger” had one of the rare permits only the connected elites “qualify” for” (because he carried “large sums of money,” obviously more important than your life). And VPC is a group that has proudly centered its “assault weapon” ban strategy on an admitted deception, relying on gullible low-information marks to not know the difference between a semi-automatic firearm and a machine gun.

    The entire numbers game is rigged to never even recognize lives saved with guns, another deception the antis are (once more) busily trying to convince everyone is something that never happens. Still, putting those aside, one of the first things noticed about the VPC “study” is the number of suicides -- and then we need to understand, as reported by Police Chief Magazine, “Based on their analysis of 30 published studies plus additional data, Aamodt and Stalnacker determined a rate of 18.1 LEO suicides per 100,000 officers. The most current data show a U.S. population suicide rate of 12/100,000...”

    Note that rather than call for police to be disarmed because of that, these are the people who want them to be the “Only Ones” with guns.

    The Crime Prevention Research Center has found massive errors in the VPC “study,” including the inconvenient truth that 91 percent of Police one survey respondents support citizen concealed carry.

    Still, to put things in perspective, say all of the VPC “gun deaths” were unjustified.

    Again per the Crime Prevention Research Center, by current estimates, there are over 11 million Americans with concealed carry permits. Now instead of me giving you numbers, go ahead and prove something to yourself. Go to and calculate what percentage 722, the total currently-touted VPC number, yields out of 11 million.

    What did you find?

    If we wanted to use the VPC “methodology,” we could probably come up with similar “studies” comparing rates for the population of law enforcement officers, listed at 780,000 for 2012 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and do a similar scouring of news accounts. Maybe we could further adopt the tactics used by VPC and come up with a “Badged Killers” report. Just so we don't expect The New York Times to issue another "crusading" editorial.

    And just so we don’t neglect to recognize peace officers who support the right to keep and bear arms -- the ones who meant what they said when they took a certain oath...
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    They can keep their flawed numbers and poosified rhetoric and I will keep my concealed carried weapon!!!
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    Have had concealed carry since I was 21, am now 63. Havent killed or harmed anyone and obviously never committed suicide:D. Though I am sure some liberals hope I do:s0140:. I consider myself just an average good American.
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    When will these people just die?
    My contempt for the antis is ever growing..
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    Seriously? Let's look at some numbers here. According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, there are 5,303,900 (this likely understates the number of permit holders because in some cases the data is not up to date and some states don't require a permit to carry) concealed weapon permit holders in the 36 states the VPC used in their report. Taking the VPC number of "concealed carry killers" - 544 - and we come up with 0.01% in the past eight years. Put another way, 99.99% of concealed carry permit holders are not killers.
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    I'm a killer, but I'm no murderer. o_O
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