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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by NSDQ, Aug 30, 2012.

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    With so many gun forums to choose from I finally decided to pick something that relates to me locally. A little about myself, I have over 2 years combat time within the US Army. I've got some AB and AA background time along with quite a bit of flight time with Dustoff. Worked my *** off with the 101 at Campbell and braved through the Redman in green platoon. Worked with some of the best that Army Aviation had to offer but i'm now taking advantage of that post 9/11 GiBill and completing my education.

    Looking for some ex-military shooters who have actual combat time. Looking to expand my pistol skills and improve my general knowledge. Thanks!
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    NSDQ I want to say you are welcome as much as we all are here.

    I think It would be a good Idea for you to mill around and find a place to post your wants or needs to make the connections you are looking for some place in the forum. From my experience, people from all over the US visit this forum from time to time. No telling what or whom you will find.
    Welcome and Good luck
    Silver Hand
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    Lots of us vets here, just read the posts and you soon spot us. Welcome aboard!

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