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New Kydex HK45 Holsters: $50 shipped

Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by PeakResources, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. PeakResources

    PeakResources Portland (past) Colorado (now) Member

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    Hey... I moved from Oregon to Colorado last year, but still come to the site for a lot of info. I have a bunch of HK45 holsters I made up this last weekend and thought I would offer extras to my friends on nwf for $50 shipped ($45 for holster, $5 for shipping).

    I'm not an established holster maker, but have been carrying holsters I've made for a year or more, and found them to be every bit as good as Kydex holsters from the "other guys". I made a couple HK45 holstersfor myself and friends recently, and ended up with about 8 extra. If you have a HK45, this is probably the shortest wait you'll have for a Kydex holster.

    Holster is molded on my HK45 with ambi safety, threaded barrel, and Heinie tall sights. Shorter sights should fit just fine. Obviously you can use standard barrels instead of a threaded on too, but you probably want the shorter "uncovered" design. I've verified each holster has zero split eyelets, and tuned each to have what I think is good retention, but not too much. It will withstand a gentle upside down shake in my hand.

    This HK45 got me through the 3 day Portland Magpul DH1 class in the rain and mud with only one or two environmental related failures -- there was a lot of mud those days.

    The holster body is molded out of 060 Kydex, with 120 belt loops molded for a generous fit around 1.5" belts. I can provide 090 (thinner) loops instead if desired. (I have worn 060 loops for over a year before one broke, so 090 should be just fine.) A pair of IWB hooks can be included if desired for an additional $5. Last picture shows what the IWB hooks look like. I personally don't carry IWB because I don't find it nearly as comfortable as OWB, so I don't know if those hooks are the best design or not. I do know that for the DH1 class, I "drew the holster" wearing one of those hybrid IWB holsters. I quickly switched back to OWB.

    I made up a few variations. All versions cover the LH side safety to help prevent accidental switching to "fire", and a couple versions cover both sides of the Ambi safety (like the one pictured below). I have a couple that cover the whole end of the threaded barrel, and one for left handed shooters.

    Item    Pistol  Hand    Threaded Barrel         Safety Retention
    HK45001 HK45    R       Uncovered               Ambi
    HK45003 HK45    R       Uncovered               LH side only
    HK45004 HK45    R       Uncovered               Ambi
    HK45005 HK45    R       Uncovered               LH side only
    HK45006 HK45    R       Covered                 Ambi
    HK45007 HK45    L       Uncovered               Ambi
    HK45008 HK45    R       Covered                 LH side only
    HK45009 HK45    R       Covered                 LH side only
    I have positive feedback, and still get back to Portland occasionally. I'll also stand behind my product. If you don't like it for any reason, send it back and I'll refund the purchase price of the holster. Whether you like it or not, I would love feedback. I'm selling at what I think is a reasonable price compared to some other manufacturers as this is the first time I've sold any. I normally just give away to friends.

    I can send pictures of ANY of the holsters above. As a matter of fact, I won't send a holster unless you've seen the particular one you're buying first. Holster 001 pictured below.
  2. Nightshade

    Nightshade vancouver,WA Well-Known Member

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    Nice work
  3. PeakResources

    PeakResources Portland (past) Colorado (now) Member

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    Thanks Nightshade. And I'm still learning / adapting. I'm getting ready to build a bunch of G17 holsters next.