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Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by eatcheezitsforlife, Jun 4, 2015.

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    Hey everyone,
    I heard about this belt through theARMORYchannel on youtube and had to try it out myself. It is called the superbio belt from I'm not sure what it is made of but the material looks like leather though it is really flexible and much stronger. The thing is really awesome and comfortable to wear for everyday carry.
    When I got the belt in the mail the company sent me a coupon for 10% with the code clubdaltech, which is pretty awesome.

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    Looks like a nice one! I am in the market for a new belt as well, my old Wolverine (Fred Meyer special) that has lasted 5 years finally developed a crack in the leather. Not a bad life span for a $20 made in wherever special. I wear heavy guns when carrying, which is all the time, so I'm not surprised that it is failing. I may have to try one of these. Thanks for the heads up!

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