Need help AK 47 AK47 what is the best I can buy?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Bigd6943, Feb 12, 2010.

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    Ok so I'm a little not smart when it comes to the AK47. I do know that it is the most used and thay have made 250 million of them. But from what I have seen on NWFA some ppl say that some models can blow up in your face WTF. I don't want that one I gave seen enuph of that when I was in Afganistan so if you all can help that would be great.

    I'm new this site but man o man you all make it what it is A +++ to all it's members.

    If anyone in The Vancouver WA area or within 50 + miles wants to get rid of one I'm looking for one AK47 around $550 or less. I hope this weekend Ill buy it and let's go shoot.

    Thanks Donovan

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    Sir - I spent a considerable proportion of my time trying to get four different makes of AK-47 to malfunction, let alone blow up, by filling them with sand, mud and assorted crud on demo days.

    I'm pretty sure that I have NEVER seen a blown-up AK-47 in my life, and that's after 'hoping' for one to 'let go' that came back from Mogadishu - almost indistinguishable from its surroundings in a cake of solid rust. I dumped the whole thing, rust and all, in an old sump full of Kroil, just to show willing and to free up the action, but with nothing else done to it except to check that the bore was fairly clear. It then went on to shoot four mags of mixed date ammo without a hitch - on full-auto. The air was filled with rust particles, but NOT with bits of AK.

    I'm sure that you COULD make one blow up, but apart from committing some kind of mechanical mayhem to it, I'm not certain quite how you would do it.

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    Though I have both AK47's and AK74's I prefer the AK74 as the 5.45x39 rounds are 1/3rd the cost of AK47 7.62x39 rounds.
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    Top of the line would be a Pre-ban Hungarian, Chinese or Bulgarian. These are going to be out of your price range and even Post-ban are still out of your range. If you are patient you can find a Post-ban Norinco for around $500 or so. In my opinon look for one of those. There are a lot of 'kit' guns, American receivers built with an imported parts kit, on the market. As long it is made with rivets and NOT SCREWS (if it was meant to be built with screws the Russians would have done so), you will be O.K. If you get one of these stick with a 'Romanian G' or Polish. They are going to have a number of 922r parts to make the rifle legal to ATF standards (sic).

    WASR-10 may do you good and it is within your budget. They are dependable rifles.

    Centerfire systems has an electronic flyer that can be emailed. they have some good deals and have a milled receiver Polish rifle for $600-$700. In my opinion if you can do without Starbucks and McDonalds for a month or two, spend the extra scratch and get one. The problem with recent kit built AK's like these you need to ask if it is an American barrel or the original imported barrel. At all costs get the original barrel if possible.

    Every country that made AK's had its own advantages.

    The only 'bad' AK's I would stay away from (my opinion only) are the Egyptian Maadi's

    Good luck in your search.


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