Naked in Pismo Beach...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Classic, Mar 20, 2015.

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    So I'm on vacation in commiefornia. Although the weather is gorgeous I feel naked without my trusty Colt CCO on my hip.
    We need a Federal concealed license so law abiding people (like me) can carry in all 50 state!
    We need to start a federal campaign where everyone writes their senators so WA DC can pass a law that actually does something good!
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    Stupid question - but if you gotta have the gun - why would you knowingly, willingly vacation in Cali? Were Florida, the Texas coast, or any of the other Gulf Coast states all booked up? Pretty sure at least one of those states has either a reciprocity with Wa, or the fabled Utah permit if you've got one of those as well.

    A federal CCW would likely come with a pile of stupid regulations that further restrict where and how and what you could carry. Not to mention that there are some states that don't even require a permit to carry.

    While federal reciprocity seems like a great idea - it's implementation is likely to be far worse than anyone can imagine. And good luck getting such a bill passed with the current Congress and President. Grid lock is good right now.

    In theory none of us should need a permit - the 2nd Amendment should be the end of the story. But it's not.
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    I say carry anyway. I don't do things to get rolled up by the police, so I am not getting stopped for anything.

    The only people that will know you are carrying are those you are naked in Pismo Beach with and any dirt-bag who thinks he would like to meet his maker after he has made a poor victim assessment.

    We are going to Disney World this year, and the primary reason is because I am not going anywhere near Kommufornia. They can have their sunshine and beaches, because they come with a helping of liberal communists. :cool:
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    The purpose of the Fed. .Guv is to eliminate Liberty. I am loath to make their job easier
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