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    So after much research and a day with my prepared ladder loads at the range with the chrony, I found my blueberry round. I've been wanting to create a reliable, +P 147 gr JHP that didn't stress out my pistol or flip too much. Providing of course that I have a Ruger P85 (a tank, no doubt) with an increased power recoil spring (16lb versus 11lb stock).
    I looked at a lot of loads in books and online, and saw that the most full capacity loads for 9mm 147 gr bullets were with Power Pistol, so I started there. As well, Hornady's new(ish) XTP is boat tailed as well as being a controlled expansion jacketed hollow point (expansion rated at x1.5, FBI minimum standard for JHP expansive rounds). Loads listed went from a minimum 4.7 grain up to 5.7 grain, but typically listed at 5.3 to 5.5 grain as maximum.
    I loaded 5 rounds each starting at 4.7, up to 5.7 gr. The round that clocked the fastest without over-pressure signs was the 5.4gr. After that, the 5.6 and 5.7 gr shells were coating in residue and the velocity went sideways, so I know it was no longer a viable round. The 5.4 grouped best, but I will need to do some groups just with this load alone to get a number.
    So here's the recipe and data:
    Ave. Velocity: 1069.8 fps
    Corrected Muzzle velocity: 1073.6
    Stnrd Dev: 15.1 fps
    Max fps: 1083 fps
    Min fps 1045 fps
    Stability: 11.21
    Ft lbs: 376/muzzle
    IPSC Factor: 157
    Wootters Lethality: 25

    Hornady 9mm .355 BT/HP XTP (35580; BC: 0.212 Velocy range: 750-1200fps)
    Mixed NATO once fired brass, standard trim-to length: 0.744"
    Alliant Power Pistol Powder, 5.4 gr.
    Winchester WSPM (Small Pistol Magnum)
    Cartridge OAL: 1.120"
    Primer pocket swaged, de-crimped, & flash hole uniformed

    Pistol: Ruger P85 Mark II; 1:10 twist; 4.5" barrel

    I only had 5 of each load for the test, but will put in at least a full 10 to get a better statistical output in the future.

    Happy Happy Happy
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    Amazing round development to be sure. Congrats.
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    Hope more rounds confirm for you.

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