Multiple DVD series on training (from Magpul?)

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    I have not seen any of these but I will probably purchase the Handgun series given the price. I still have a to-do for formal defensive training from one of the facilities in greater Seattle.

    Handgun: Magpul Art of Dynamic Handgun DVD (Set of 4): Movies & TV

    Carbine: Art Of Tactical Carbine, Volumn 1, 2nd Edition: Chris Costa, Travis Haley: Sports & Outdoors

    Shotgun: Magpul Art of Dynamic Shotgun DVD (Set of 3): Chris Costa, Travis Haley, Magpul Industries: Sports & Outdoors
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    not sure what you are asking exactly but.. i have all of the dvds you mention as well as magpuls precision rifle dvd. they are primarily weapon manipulation videos i.e. basics on how to hold yer gun use the sights clearing malfunctions and firing from different positions they also cover some philosophy of use. i like the handgun set and routinely watch it to reinforce the fundamentals i would say for me the shotgun dvd was the most informative. they successfully raised alot of points that i had not considered about a defensive shotgun. also, there is another company you might check out called panteo productions they have alot of different instructors and cover everything from gunsmithing to psuedo tactic type information. hope this helps.
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