WTS/WTT OR Mossberg 500

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    Mossberg 500 with 2 barrels. The 18" one is a home defense/combat barrel, and the 28" ribbed barrel (has two bead sights on it) is for hunting. Both are smooth bore.

    I picked up the longer barrel before I fired the gun, and still haven't used it. (That barrel costs about $200 new). I fired the gun using the 18" barrel, and it works fine. Just has a bit too much recoil for my old shoulder.

    I do have the original pistol grip, but right now it has an ATI adjustable stock & pistol grip on it. I think ATI calls it the Scorpion stock. The angle of the stock wasn't right for me, so I installed some spacers that gave the stock the correct drop.

    Sorry, no trades. $220


    Call or text 503-510-6486
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